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Welcome to the Pravan Foundation

At the Pravan Foundation, we’re on a mission to transform Puerto Rico’s mental health landscape. Led by Dr. Tania Rivera and David Melchor, and backed by the Pravan Health Group, we’re dedicated to bringing innovative and accessible solutions to the island’s mental health crisis.

United in healing Puerto Rico

“Our foundation has crafted a robust and strategic blueprint to tackle Puerto Rico’s prevailing mental health challenges. This includes pioneering programs, holistic education encompassing the latest advancements in mental health, and abundant and innovative resources tailored for practitioners.”

Tania Rivera MD, Co-Founder and Medical Director

Are you feeling ??

These feelings or states can serve as initial prompts for self-reflection or for seeking further information and support regarding mental health.

Insightful Reads

Discover carefully curated articles, the latest news, and empowering readings, all rooted in rigorous research.

Navigate the evolving mental health landscape with our “Insightful Reads” section. Available in both Spanish and English, this resource keeps you informed and inspired, enhancing your understanding of global mental health advancements and trends. Join us in exploring these pivotal insights, strengthening our shared journey towards mental well-being.

Unite for Healing: Your Contribution, Puerto Rico's Transformation.

Embark on a journey of transformation with the Pravan Foundation. Your generous donation becomes a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to mental wellness for countless individuals in Puerto Rico. Together, let’s break down barriers, ushering in a new era of mental health and well-being.

Make a difference today – your contribution is the cornerstone of change, healing, and renewed hope across the island. Join us, and be the change that Puerto Rico needs. Unite for healing, unite for transformation, unite for a brighter tomorrow.

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