Dr. Claudio Corral

Co-Founder, Eden Esthetics & Pravan Health; Philanthropist

Dr. Claudio Corral is a distinguished plastic surgeon and an enterprising visionary, renowned for his contributions to both the aesthetic and health & wellness fields. As the founder of Eden Esthetics and Pravan Health, his career is marked by exceptional skill, innovation, and a heartfelt dedication to enhancing people’s lives.

With a career deeply rooted in plastic surgery, Dr. Corral has skillfully enhanced beauty and aesthetics in thousands of patients, earning him widespread acclaim. His expertise, however, extends beyond the operating room. A passionate entrepreneur, he has successfully combined medical proficiency with business acumen to establish two thriving healthcare institutions.
Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Corral’s compassion for his community stands out. In a recent philanthropic venture, he founded EVA an innovative foundation committed to providing breast reduction surgeries at no cost to underprivileged populations. This initiative reflects his deep-seated belief in accessible healthcare and his dedication to giving back to those in need.

Dr. Corral’s journey took a pivotal turn when he recognized the profound struggles people face with mental health disorders. This realization propelled him to channel his energy into co-creating the Pravan Foundation, a testament to his commitment to healing people from the inside out. At Pravan, he focuses on addressing mental health challenges, devoting his time and resources to make a tangible difference.

A firm believer in the potential of psychedelic research, Dr. Corral advocates for its role in developing alternative therapies and protocols. He views this emerging field as a key to alleviating the current mental health crisis, offering new hope and possibilities for those suffering from mental health disorders.

Dr. Claudio Corral’s career is a blend of professional excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, and a profound desire to improve lives. His work, spanning from aesthetic enhancement to mental health advocacy, demonstrates his unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on individual lives and society at large.

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