David Melchor

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Pravan Foundation

David Melchor is an exemplar of entrepreneurial success and innovative leadership in the health and wellness space. As the Pravan Foundation’s co-founder and executive director, David is set to channel his rich experience and profound passion into pioneering new frontiers in mental health treatment.

Embarking on his journey as a serial entrepreneur, David showcased exceptional skill in identifying and nurturing groundbreaking business ideas. This journey led to the establishment of two highly successful companies, including Pravan Health, which have set new standards in the health sector for their innovative and effective approaches.

Driven by a deep concern for the escalating mental health crisis, David has always sought to challenge and transcend the limitations of traditional pharmaceutical treatments. His advocacy for alternative healing modalities is rooted in a firm belief in their potential. David stands out as a staunch advocate for the transformative power of psychedelic medicine, envisaging it as a pivotal force in reshaping the mental health landscape.

With the launch of the Pravan Foundation, David Melchor is not just preparing to lead an organization; he is gearing up to spearhead a movement. His vision for the foundation is grounded in education, advocacy, and the promotion of psychedelic medicine as a viable, effective alternative for mental health care.

The Pravan Foundation, under David’s leadership, is poised to become a hub of innovation and hope, not just in Puerto Rico but globally. His approach combines entrepreneurial prowess, a compassionate commitment to health and wellness, and a dedicated challenge to conventional mental health treatment paradigms. The Pravan Foundation initiative is not just the beginning of a new chapter in his career but a bold step towards realizing his belief in the power of alternative therapies to effectuate positive change worldwide.

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